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Who We Are

 Relevance is rooted in an authentic, multiple pathway philosophy – attached to an award winning addiction & mental health rehab in New Jersey – that ensures long term, affordable care for all clients. We treat the ‘infection’ of addiction through addressing the root causes of your loved one’s addiction, which often times includes mental health-related, co-occurring issues.

Relevance believes that recovery is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Our staff of Master’s Level Clinicians utilize the best evidence based practices to create an individualized recovery plan for each client. Our state of the art facilities, program modalities, and therapeutic treatments are fully accredited and offer comfort and safety to clients of all demographic backgrounds.

Non-Profit Peer Support

More About CFC

A sober, social community.

Experience & Costs

  • Sober Social Activities
  • Peer Support Services
  • Support Group Meetings
  • Donation Based

Demographics & Specialities

  • Adults (Ages 18 – 75)
  • First Responders

Programs & Offerings

  • Sober Social Calendar
  • Training & Scholarships
  • Volunteering
  • Sober Retreats & Travel
  • Family Support
  • Career Development

Understanding How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about CFC Recovery and HealingUS Centers.

What Does CFC Do?

CFC is a relapse prevention program meaning our program begins after formal treatment and detox. We provided an array of recovery support services and an active sober social community. If you or a loved one is still in active addiction, we can assist with the entire journey from intervention to recovery.

What is a Relapse Prevention Program?

CFC provides an array of services to help individuals rebuild their lives after addiction while achieving longterm sobriety. These programs include:

  • Multiple pathway meetings which teach coping skill and self care
  • Sober social events which build community, peer support, self confidence and self worth
  • Volunteer opportunities which teach humility and gratitude
  • Surrounging an individual with a sober community allows them to create new friends and experiences separate from their old bad habits
  • Community creates the opposite of isolation.
  • Our Career & Employment program allows members to dream about a future regardless of their past mistakes.
  • Long Term Commitment to recovery. This is a lifestyle change, not just a phase.

How Do I Become a Member?

To become a CFC Member in Recovery, an individual must be actively pursuing recovery and schedule a meeting with our member services coordinator for an intake. 

How is CFC Different from Other Programs?

To become a CFC Member in Recovery, an individual must have 30 days clean time and then an Intake appointment must be scheduled. Intakes occur at different times at each location. These will be individual or small group sessions and can take up to an hour.

Can Anyone Attend Meetings?

No. CFC offers 68 monthly meetings across 2 locations in Ocean County. These meetings are free and open to the public. You can find the schedule online on our events page here.

What Do I Need for Intake?

A prospective member needs to bring an active credit/Debit card to pay for intake ($50) and recurring membership fee ($25) and their insurance card for drug testing purposes. If you reside in CFC Houses, the program is free.

How Much Does CFC Cost?

Members in recovery pay a monthly fee of $30. This includes all programs and annual recovery retreats. Members must pay a $50 administrative fee for their inital Intake. If you reside in CFC Houses, the program is free.

Is CFC a Treatment Center?

No, CFC is a progressive self help program run entirely by peers and recovery specialists. There is no clinical services provided. Clinical treatment is very important to stabilize an individual, address the underlying issues through counseling and medical intervention, and to begin making recovery plans for the future. CFC is the boots on the ground team that helps put those plans in motion.


"I recently joined CFC 2/9/2021 and it has been nothing but an amazing experience since! The meetings are very informative, helpful and ground breaking. They have a meeting every night of the week which has been a really great option to turn to. Not only does CFC host terrific meetings but they also host an activity as a group every weekend. I'm so happy and excited to be apart of a community so wonderful that is truly going to be fundamental part of my journey!"


"I highly recommend Relevance. The staff was knowledgeable and welcoming. I was here for two months and made more progress here than any other treatment facility and am thankful and appreciative for the staff and the program."


"Cfc is a wonderful community that helps you build strong sober connections while doing a bunch of fun sober activities. This place has changed my life so much taught me so much about responsibility and myself."


"I've been at cfc now for a year. Being here has changed me. I now have worked a full time job and im learning how to actually have a good time in recovery. thanks cfc for helping me."


"CFC has helped not only my son recover but my family as well. Truly grateful to be part of such an amazing community."


"I used to wake up feeling neurotically lethargic in an ironic and iconic way; a slave to sin-- completely stuck in the bondage of them chains of regret and pain. It sucked! I came to CFC on 10-18-2020 and now I wake up energized and free, self-aware and clean, no longer caught up (or in) that tangled web I wove called drunkenness. Life no longer sucks!"


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